Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Hi everyone!

I think I won't make new photos at the moment.
First I want everything I ordered to arrive...
Because I wanna improve!

I ordered:
DollyWink No.1 lashes
DollyWink No. 6 lashes
Palty foam hair dye (milk tea brown)
Palty eyebrow mascara (milk tea brown)
Usamimi (bunny head band)

And meanwhile I try to lose weight!

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Review: Skin79 Shiny Pearl WATER DROP BB Cream

I have this BB Cream for quite a long time, but I didn't blog about it yet, so here we go.

It's the Shiny Pearl WATER DROP BB Cream from Skin79.
I ordered it because I needed a BB Cream with a light texture for summer.

I don't like it because the coverage is too light for me.
The texture is very light, but the smell kinda bothers me.
The BB Cream only comes in one shade that is too dark for me.
And the worst thing is that there is glitter in it!

It gets darker after some time, too:

Here you can also see why it's called "Water Drop".
Actually little water drops appear when you apply the BB Cream.

light texture

only one color, which is too dark for very light skin types
has a lot of glitter in it
almost no coverage
I don't like the strong scent

Pure skin might get a healthy glow with this, but I really can't recommend it for people with problematic skin like mine.

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011


Check out Jelly's cute giveaway:

 Here are all the cute things you can win.

Spring Heart eyelash glue

Candy Doll Mineral Powder

Candy Doll Limited Edition Lipgloss "Passion pink"

2 Mickey Mouse cellphone straps

Rilakkuma memo pad

Rilakkuma 3D stickers

Hisamitsu face mask

VOV eyelash with glue

And also... handmade chocolate from Jelly!!

So how can you win?

All rules are explained there.

All I can do for you now is to wish you

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

REVIEW: Eye make up with ♥ Koji DollyWink liquid eyeliner ♥

Hello GALS!

I got the DollyWink black liquid eyeliner last week!

 I love the design with the bow on top!

The slim tip makes the eyeliner perfect for exact use.

 I can has totally defined make up!
The color is very intense, too!

Finished eyemake after applying fasies and eyeshadow!

DollyWink eyeliner is so easy to apply!
You can draw very clean lines and it's long lasting, too.
Absolutely love it!

Montag, 6. Juni 2011

"Gyaru hair bun" - first try

I put my hair up to a bun today for the first time.
It was so difficult and looks pretty messy, I know...
Must keep practicing...

I'm sorry, it's really so messy...
Usually I don't like to wear my hair up.
But I watched some hair tutorials on Youtube and wanted to try this.

Oh well. I still have to learn a lot.

Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

Hi gals!

The weather is so hot now. 
We were having barbecue every evening the past three days.
Yesterday I did the barbecue all by myself for the very first time and it was quite easy and fun!

Today my dear and I had a look at a flat and we really liked it. 
If everything goes well we can move in on 15th June! So early!!
 We are pretty excited now and looking forward to our new life.

Today my new circle lenses arrived!
I had the same ones before... they are ColourVUE's "Big Eyes" lenses and the color is Sweet Honey... dark brown. I love them because they cover light eyes very well. 

P.S.: How do you like my new Blog design?