Montag, 25. Juli 2011


I hate porn but I like AV GALs for their make up and the pictures of them are a great inspiration for me to lose weight and become more sexy (NOT slutty). Am I the only one feeling that way? 
They are a bit too tan for my taste, but there are still some with georgous style and make up!

Here is a video of Rumika and Mana Izumi. Mana Izumi is my favourite!

The most popular blog for AV gyaru pictures and videos is probably this one:

I like the pictures that are not too hardcore.
Like these:

I don't mind them having a job like this.
And I find them way more interesting than the models in the magazines!

What do you think about AV GALs?

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Pray for Norway and Wenzhou

Photo from

Photo from

What happened in Norway makes me really sad.
I just can't understand how someone could be able to do something like that!
Anders Breivik killed 93 people, most of them were very young.
How could he run around and shoot people for more than one hour?!
His youngest victim was only seven years old...
I don't want to imagine how a mother must feel when she hears her child was killed by some psychopath.

I hope something like this will never happen again, altough I think there will always be tragedies like this...

Another terrible thing is already forgotten here in Germany, the train accident in Wenzhou  in China. 
About 40 people died...

Photo from

Wenzhou  isn't far from Bei Jing where I have been last year, so scary...
I hope they will they will improve saftey checks now... 

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Recent purchases and whatever is new in my life

How have you been?

I haven't blogged for a while because my husband and me moved.
It was quite stressy but now we're almost finished.
Our new flat is small but comfortable and very close to the city.

It's supposed to be summer but the weather is so cold!
Feels like I am getting sick again, oh no!

Last week I met my friend Nana and we even took photos this time.

We have so few pictures together...

We bought these completely senseless bracelets.
They are made of  gum and come in different shapes.
But you can't recognize the shape if you wear them because they are very tight...
That's why they don't make sense...

My friend Melissa sent me a letter with purikura and this cute teddy pendant from Japan.
And this week I did some shopping. 

This shirt was really cheap and I liked the beige color.

I don't own a lot of long-sleeve shirts so I bought another one.
It was very cheap, too!

I'm so proud and happy I found this!
It reminded me of Ma*rs and it was only about 10 Euro!
I love agejo style and I wanna wear more clothes like this.

My friend and me took photos with my Nintendo dsi, too, but I couldn't upload them yet. 
Ah and today we bought new fishes.

This one is pretty big and looks a bit like a shark.

Our aquarium. I think it's not really interesting for you... 
School will start in one month, still so much free time...
That was everything I could show and tell you for know.

Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive!

See you next time then!

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

PALTY milk tea brown foam hair dye ♥

Hello dear GALs!

Maybe you've read I dyed my hair with Palty two days ago.
People asked me to write a review about it and here it comes!

Palty bubble foam hair dye in "milk tea brown"!

It's quite new... here you can see the old and new palty "milk tea brown" compared:

Left one is old, right one is new.
The difference is that the new color is more ashy and the special thing is that it has a foamy consistency!

This was my hair before dying.
It was bleached and out-washed blonde.
My dark blonde roots were grown out because I gave my hair a break from dying some time.

This is what the color looks like on the box.

Color chart on the box.
The third color is closest to my hair color... but mine is even lighter.

The box includes:
 A cup with a stick to mix the color
 hair dye liquid
 hair dye paste
 hair conditioner

The instruction is huge but you won't need it because the hair dye is sooo easy to use!


1. Put gloves on

2. Put hair dye liquid in the cup

3. Add hair dye paste

4. stir until it turns into foam

Now it's ready to use!

Just massage the foam gently into your hair like a shampoo.
Palty foam dye is great for dying long hair in my opinion, because you don't need a lot of it to cover your whole hair.
I love how easy it is!

After a few minutes the dye turns purple...
That really scared me but I left it on for about 30 minutes, like most hair dyes.

Then I washed it off and used the conditioner.
I left it in for about twenty minutes and washed it off.

This is how my hair looked wet.

This is how it looked when my hair was dry!
It turned out milk tea brown with grey and purple strands!
I think it is because my hair color was too light.
But after washing my hair the grey and purple strands faded little by littleso I think the color will become milk tea brown after a while...
But to be honest, I also like the color how it is now!
I don't mind the color being grey for a couple of days, it's actually pretty cool!