Montag, 30. Mai 2011


Hello gals!  

I hope the German gyarus had fun on their meetups last Saturday
They have been to Düsseldorf, which is quit far for me, so I couldn't come. Well, the other girls look wayyy better than me anyway.

But I will try to visit the Japan day in Düsseldorf in October with my best friend Franzis. 
So I hope that'll work!

Yesterday my husband and I had a little barbecue with my mom.

Fried corn is so yum!!

And last but not least... an artsy shot of a rose...

Ok this is all for today!

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Yuria Kushido ♥

Hello everyone, how have you been?

Lately I've seen many photos of this girl on Tumblr and I was wondering who she is:

Her name is Yuria Kushido. (I like her first name :p)
She kinda reminds of Kato Miliyah, which is probably because of her eyebrows that give her face a "depressed" expression... which I actually like,

Here you can see how much Miliyah and Yuria actually look-alike:
Ok... not totally, but a little... don't they?

Anyway, I found Yuria Kushido's Facebook page where she introduces herself as the producer of her own fashion line called GYDA. She also said that she used to live in LA a couple of years.
On Facebook she writes in English by the way.

Some more pictures of Yuria

Why do we love her?

Yuria looks gyaru in my opinion, but not in the "cute and dolly" way.
She is sexy and kinda... "badass".

What do you think of her looks?

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

REVIEW: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13 Light beige

Hi Gals!

Today I want to write about a product that I have been using almost daily in the past months.
It's the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in the lightest color #13 light beige!

What is BB cream?

The BB stands for "Blemish Balm" or "Beblesh Balm" and BB Cream is like a foundation that includes moisturing, anti-wrinkle and skin whitening properties. Altough it originally comes from Germany, BB Cream is very popular in Asia.

I have very sensitive and light skin. I suffer(ed) from bad acne the last years. I've been to a skin doctor, tried everything to get rid of the acne, but nothing helped. I had painful red lumps on my cheeks and chin that were impossible to cover with make up.
Fortunately, the lumps disappeared, but they left red blemishes and scars, and I think they will stay forever. 

These are the blemishes on my cheek now... I was very insecure if I should show this on my blog, but I think the scars have gotten better A LOT. They are now easier to cover with make up, too.

My skin caused so much pain in the past and of course, my self confidence suffered a lot from this, but I feel good now and I still try to make my skin happy. 

Anyway, it's hard to find a good and LIGHT make up in Germany. Then I heard so many good things about BB Cream: Great coverage, skin care properties... I heard that Missha is a popular brand, so I decided I would try this!

How much do BB Creams cost?

They aren't very expensive in my opinion. On ebay, the price varies from 12 to 20 Euro.
By the way, a very trustworthy seller for maaaany Asian beauty products is BELLO-GIRL!

So, here is the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13:

It came in a cute heart package!

With a bow 

I just took this picture and like I said, I used this very often, so it's kinda dirty already... >_<

The BB Cream smells super nice! Kinda like actual BABY creams. :D
It's very light and blends perfect with the natural skin color. It also stays light the whole day. I say this, because many liquid foundations I used were getting darker after a few hours.
After use the skin feels soft and is not too dry and don't oily either.
But what about the coverage?

This was before:

And this is after:

The lighting isn't very good, but the redness is covered and if I use powder after applying the BB Cream, the acne scars are almost invisible! I think the coverage is quite good for such a light "foundation"!
I like it so much better than regular make up and I will definately continue using BB cream in the future. In fact, my Missha BB cream is almost empty and I already ordered another one:

Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream from Skin79! I tought this might be great for summer, because it's supposed to be not as "heavy" as the Missha BB cream when the weather is hot.

Do you use BB Cream? Which one and how do you like it?
Or have you ever had skin problems?
I'm looking forward to comments! 

REVIEW: BIG EYES "sweet honey" circle lenses | hairdresser

The circle lenses I want to write about also the first ones I ever owned: BIG EYES "Sweet honey".
I always wanted to try brown circle lenses and I've read that these lenses are also suitable for light eyes!

About the lenses

Diameter: 15mm
Water content: 45%
Base curve: 8.6mm
Replacement period: 3 months

They really are suitable for light eyes. My eyes are blue-green and you almost can't tell.
Moreover the lenses give huge enlargement and a dolly look.

The coverage is awesome!
I don't have much circle lens experience, but in my opinion they were pretty comfortable.
I'd say you can wear them up to 6 hours per day, but with only 3 months the replacement period is very short: You have to throw them away after 3 months because after that time they could damage your eyes! I've seen that many other lenses have a replacement period of 1 year, so note that you would have to buy new lenses after only 3 months if you buy these.

But anymway, I love them! I wanted to try different lenses too, but I think I will order the exact same ones again. 

And I went to the hairdresser on Friday!

My hair is shorter now, because the ends were pretty damaged and dry.
I got some pieces of advice to improve my hair, too.

I like the way she blow-dried my hair to make the ends wavy!

On the backside my hair is still pretty long, and I got layers again.

Okay, this is it... see you next time!

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

New gyaru magazine "GLiA"

Today on Tumblr someone posted a picture of this new Gal magazine and I searched for informations on Google:

All I found out was that "GLiA" is similar to EGG, but "for older readers". Moreover does it seem like Romihi is going to leave EGG magazine to go to GLiA!

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Favourite Gyaru magazine scans June 2011

My favourite gal magazine scans from the June 2011 issues from Popteen, Ranzuki, EGG, Jelly, Ageha and JJ. Click on the pictures for a bigger view. Enjoy!

Popteen June 2011

EGG June 2011

Ranzuki June 2011

Jelly June 2011

AGEHA June 2011

JJ June 2011