Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Review: Natural 3-tone grey circle lenses (on light eyes)

I am excited to present you my first pair of grey circle lenses.
My natural eye color varies between green and blue, and I was looking for circle lenses that blend better with light eyes and look less obvious than darker lenses, but still are giving a dolly effect.

A nice ebay seller recommended  the 
Natural 3-tone grey lenses to me.

Here are some informations:

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water content: 42%
Base curve: 8.6mm
Manufacturer: The Dolly Eye (Korea)
Life span: 1 year
Price: EUR 12.90

They are also available in blue, green, violet, brown and pink.

A look at the lense inside the bottle.

In the lense case you can see they have a touch of yellow to blend better with the natural eye color.

 Natural eyes without and with flash.
(Why do photos with flash always look so gross?!)

 With lens, again with indoor lighting ad with ugly flash light that makes me look sick and wrinkly.

With make up and lashes.

My opinion:

The lenses are very comfortable and they look very natural.
I think others wouldn't even notice I am wearing circle lenses if I wouldn't tell them. They give only a small enlargement and blend perfect with your natural eye color. The black ring makes your eyes appear more obvious.

I wish the lenses were a tiny little bit bigger and more grey (they look kinda blue), but I like them because they are natural looking and add a nice effect to the eyes without looking fake.

I hope you liked my review! See you next time. 

Freitag, 23. September 2011

First day of autumn

Today is officially the first day of autumn.
It's really my favourite season! I love when it gets colder and I can wear warm and cute clothes.
Isn't it romantic to take a walk with your beloved one in the evening when it's cold outside? And you cuddle to give each other warmth? And you start looking forward to christmas time?
My birthday is in autumn, too!

Today is friday and I'm also happy it's finally weekend...
I am tired of school this week. (*´Д`)=3

Tomorrow I am going to try my new circle lenses and write a review about them! ♪ But now I will just go to bed, it's pretty late already...

Good night! ★

Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Photo challenge

Tailiya tagged me to do the photo challenge

Here are the rules:

1. Open your fourth photo album. (I think on Facebook?)
2. Open the fourth picture from there and publish it in your blog.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Challenge other blogs.

So this is my photo:

This is actually my favourite photo of myself because it isn't edited and I still like how I look on it!
I also love how my hair looks, so long and shiny! It was taken last winter I think... in the bathroom of my parents' house.

I tag everyone who wants to be tagged! =P

Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

New purchases and alpaca stuff #1 (^◇^*) ♥

I was quite busy because of school and stuff. Yes, my school started and I am getting along with everyone so far.

But I had no reason to be nervous, too, because my best friend is also in my class! And we're having lots of fun everyday.

But now I want to show you the new things I have bought.

New boots because the weather in Germany is already cold and rainy.

Today I went to school by bicycle and got all wet. ( ̄  ̄|||) 
And it's really cold, too!

I bought this beautiful watch today. It didn't cost much and it has cherry blossoms on it. ♥

It also has another cute feature:

Do you see the heart? o(>▽<)o

And today I received my very first alpaca item! ♪

I'm obsessed with alpacas since I heard these songs:

Actually, alpacas are not really the cute kind of animal... they are rather funny looking.

But still, after listening to these songs, all I can do is to find them adorable.

Anyways... here is my arPakasso foxtail.

And I got a little gift, too!

Japanese tissues with candy scent!

Pretty senseless, but I still like them haha!

Sooo that's it for now. 

Samstag, 3. September 2011

Self-tanning fail

I know I said I would post before-after photos of my tanning result, but the lighting is so bad that you can't really see a difference on the pictures. o(゚∩゚*)

But the results were so disappointing that I'm not even sorry.

This was the tanning spray I used:

After about three days it gave a quite nice tan, but later it became very, very spotty!
I think even more than other self tanners.
My skin was white on the parts where the clothes rub on my skin.
I really don't recommend this!!

Now I am pretty happy again with my light skin.

And when I look at agejo style pictures I find white skin much sexier than tanned skin again.
At least in my opinion (I don't mean that darker skin is not sexy).

I think I will write my next post on Monday. See you then!

Sonntag, 14. August 2011

My new guinea pigs ♥

Yesterday I went to my friend to pick up the guinea pigs she wanted to give me. I was so excited!

This is the first photo I have seen. She sent it to me a couple of days ago. They're both female and their names are Sissy (l.) and Nana (r.). ♥♥♥

After bringing them to my home.
The pink thing is a mineral stone btw.

(A bigger cage wouldn't fit in front of our window, so I had to take this one. But I will try to let them out as often as possible!)

I bought a big pack of feed yesterday and got this for free. 

With stars and hearts!

I bought a house, too, but I won't put it in for one or two weeks, so they will probably remember our faces better and faster. But I always give them enough hay to hide.

I took these photo about 5 minutes ago:

Now they start to eat and walking around a bit. I have the feeling they are not so scared anymore. ^-^
But I will leave them alone for a while and give them some time.

I hope they will feel comfortable soon!

Samstag, 6. August 2011

Purchases ☆ Missha Refreshing cleansing foam ☆ tanning

I changed my blog layout, because I love the Ma*rs pattern! Must save money to buy a Ma*rs dress soon!
I wanna make a new header, too.
But at first I want to buy grey lenses... I just haven't decided which ones yet.
But I'm still looking around, so if you know some nice and comfortable grey circle lenses, let me know!

And before I make new photos, I need to do something about my hair...
The palty milk tea brown hair color didn't last really long...
 My hair is pretty much light blond again. Now I'm thinking about dying it milk tea brown again...
But I also loved my hair when it was grey, but I've heard that grey hair is pretty hard to keep?
And I would like to try extensions, too... do you know any good shops for pretty clip-in extensions that are not too expensive?

Now I want to show you the new things I've bought:

Missha "Refreshing Cleansing foam"
After trying a free sample of this I wanted to buy it so much.
It smells fresh and really really nice and makes your face sqeaky clean without drying out your skin!

I only need the a pea-sized amount of the foam for my whole face.
Because, as you can see, after rubbing it on wet skin it becomes really creamy.

This is an usamimi (bunny head band) I bought!
I always wanted to have one.

A small make up bag from tralala.

And I decided to give tan skin another try! So I bought these:

Mat bronzer

It looks way too dark on the photo, but after blending it looks quite natural.

Self-tanning spray

My skin is nearly white, but sometimes I admire gyarus with a nice tan!
Probably I should make a photo of my skin every day to show you the progress with the self-tanning spray