Samstag, 6. August 2011

Purchases ☆ Missha Refreshing cleansing foam ☆ tanning

I changed my blog layout, because I love the Ma*rs pattern! Must save money to buy a Ma*rs dress soon!
I wanna make a new header, too.
But at first I want to buy grey lenses... I just haven't decided which ones yet.
But I'm still looking around, so if you know some nice and comfortable grey circle lenses, let me know!

And before I make new photos, I need to do something about my hair...
The palty milk tea brown hair color didn't last really long...
 My hair is pretty much light blond again. Now I'm thinking about dying it milk tea brown again...
But I also loved my hair when it was grey, but I've heard that grey hair is pretty hard to keep?
And I would like to try extensions, too... do you know any good shops for pretty clip-in extensions that are not too expensive?

Now I want to show you the new things I've bought:

Missha "Refreshing Cleansing foam"
After trying a free sample of this I wanted to buy it so much.
It smells fresh and really really nice and makes your face sqeaky clean without drying out your skin!

I only need the a pea-sized amount of the foam for my whole face.
Because, as you can see, after rubbing it on wet skin it becomes really creamy.

This is an usamimi (bunny head band) I bought!
I always wanted to have one.

A small make up bag from tralala.

And I decided to give tan skin another try! So I bought these:

Mat bronzer

It looks way too dark on the photo, but after blending it looks quite natural.

Self-tanning spray

My skin is nearly white, but sometimes I admire gyarus with a nice tan!
Probably I should make a photo of my skin every day to show you the progress with the self-tanning spray


  1. yeeah, please make a picture every day, it would be great!

  2. Yes I think it would be interesting to do that. I'm also curious if this works :O

  3. that usamimi is so cute!! *o* And the make up pouch!!!

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  5. Aww...I don't have make good experiences with the brand "Sun Dance" - I used two towelettes and it looks really unnatural and spotty...

    Hope you have more luck in using the spray!

    The powder sounds interesting.
    Thinking of buying it too!

  6. Oh, I hate it when it turns out spotty. >_<
    The powder is pretty good! <3 It looks not to dark when I apply it on the "sun points" of my face. ^-^