Montag, 25. Juli 2011


I hate porn but I like AV GALs for their make up and the pictures of them are a great inspiration for me to lose weight and become more sexy (NOT slutty). Am I the only one feeling that way? 
They are a bit too tan for my taste, but there are still some with georgous style and make up!

Here is a video of Rumika and Mana Izumi. Mana Izumi is my favourite!

The most popular blog for AV gyaru pictures and videos is probably this one:

I like the pictures that are not too hardcore.
Like these:

I don't mind them having a job like this.
And I find them way more interesting than the models in the magazines!

What do you think about AV GALs?


  1. Their make up and hair is awesome! >_< It's a pity they have to do such weird jobs..they could be models!

  2. I like their Make-Up and hair too, and yes! They are good inspirations!

  3. Nenacho: I think some of them could totally model for EGG or something. ^-^

    @さくらガール: Yes <33

  4. Thanks for a different&very interesting post! They look really awesome and have sweet make-ups ^^, I think this job is their own choice, and they wanted it, so why people it is "wrong"? I see it just a job like another. I think this kind of modelling is still absolutely better looking than "porn-models". Thank you for hot pics lol! ^__^

  5. @Kiwi: Thanks for your sweet comment! ^-^
    I totally agree with you <3