Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Pray for Norway and Wenzhou

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What happened in Norway makes me really sad.
I just can't understand how someone could be able to do something like that!
Anders Breivik killed 93 people, most of them were very young.
How could he run around and shoot people for more than one hour?!
His youngest victim was only seven years old...
I don't want to imagine how a mother must feel when she hears her child was killed by some psychopath.

I hope something like this will never happen again, altough I think there will always be tragedies like this...

Another terrible thing is already forgotten here in Germany, the train accident in Wenzhou  in China. 
About 40 people died...

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Wenzhou  isn't far from Bei Jing where I have been last year, so scary...
I hope they will they will improve saftey checks now... 

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  1. Das ist alles so schrecklich D :
    Das nimmt einen schon ziemlich mit.
    Irgendwie ist 2011 nur vom Tod geprägt