Samstag, 3. September 2011

Self-tanning fail

I know I said I would post before-after photos of my tanning result, but the lighting is so bad that you can't really see a difference on the pictures. o(゚∩゚*)

But the results were so disappointing that I'm not even sorry.

This was the tanning spray I used:

After about three days it gave a quite nice tan, but later it became very, very spotty!
I think even more than other self tanners.
My skin was white on the parts where the clothes rub on my skin.
I really don't recommend this!!

Now I am pretty happy again with my light skin.

And when I look at agejo style pictures I find white skin much sexier than tanned skin again.
At least in my opinion (I don't mean that darker skin is not sexy).

I think I will write my next post on Monday. See you then!

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  1. Sieh es mal so:
    Dunkler kann man immer werden - aber schön blass wird man selten. ;)

    Wir sind was Besonderes. Muhahaha