Freitag, 23. September 2011

First day of autumn

Today is officially the first day of autumn.
It's really my favourite season! I love when it gets colder and I can wear warm and cute clothes.
Isn't it romantic to take a walk with your beloved one in the evening when it's cold outside? And you cuddle to give each other warmth? And you start looking forward to christmas time?
My birthday is in autumn, too!

Today is friday and I'm also happy it's finally weekend...
I am tired of school this week. (*´Д`)=3

Tomorrow I am going to try my new circle lenses and write a review about them! ♪ But now I will just go to bed, it's pretty late already...

Good night! ★


  1. Aww your new design is adorable!!!

    I like autumn too because I like to wear
    taupe colours on nails, boots and scarves.

    And I loooove Halloween!!! xD

  2. I always get sick on cold days ._.
    You changed your blogname !

  3. Oh I hope you won't get sick now :(
    Yes I changed a few things about my blog ^^