Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

Hi gals!

The weather is so hot now. 
We were having barbecue every evening the past three days.
Yesterday I did the barbecue all by myself for the very first time and it was quite easy and fun!

Today my dear and I had a look at a flat and we really liked it. 
If everything goes well we can move in on 15th June! So early!!
 We are pretty excited now and looking forward to our new life.

Today my new circle lenses arrived!
I had the same ones before... they are ColourVUE's "Big Eyes" lenses and the color is Sweet Honey... dark brown. I love them because they cover light eyes very well. 

P.S.: How do you like my new Blog design?


  1. Yaaaaay!!!
    Finally I can write comments below your posts!! *,*

    Congratulations for your flat!!
    We are still searching... <__<

  2. Yes... I fixed the comment function today. ^-^
    Thank you for the congrats. ♥ I'm sure you will find a nice flat, too!